Product/service Overview
We will look at your product/service, along with your competition, to ascertain its suitability for PPC.

Your Website
We will assess and review your website to insure it will integrate with your PPC campaign, is relevant to the keywords and keyphrases and is suitable for data collection or direct sales. Where necessary we can make the required technical or aesthetic changes.

Landing Pages
PPC Visitors will be driven to the page, or pages on your site most relevant to their search query. This page will need to follow both the rules of Direct Marketing and the PPC relevancy criteria to perform. We will amend likely landing pages and develop new ones where required.

Develop Offer
To attract and close website viewers we will develop a very strong central selling idea and offer. Your offer will be one of the focal points of your campaign and will be specially designed to have a high perceived value to potential clients whilst having as low an implementation cost as possible. Your offer will "hype" response and be critical to campaign success.

Results Handling/Enquiry Response
Many companies fall at the last hurdle, viewers are driven to the site and educated to its benefits but the site then falls down and loses sales. This is usually due to weaknesses in the enquiry handling methods. We will assess your operation and advise on best practice to maximise results and turn your viewers into paying customers.